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Hanoi city - Vietnam
DichVongHau subdistrict- CauGiay district
44 alley TranThaiTong street


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User manual

1. Instructions for Expats

1.1. How to booking an accomodation or motobikes or other service?

     + First, you should click on the suiable menu or find the suiable service from Quick search in home page.

     + Second, you click on item that you want to booking to open it.

     + Third, you insert your require in Enquiry form in right window to booking that item.

      => After that, the agent of that item's contacting with you as soon as.

      => That's all!

1.2. How to ask expert about the issues that's related products/services in

     + First, you should click one About us menu => Click Ask Expert.

     + Second, You should input your questions on Ask Expert widget on right window.

     + Third, Our experts will respond to you as soon as possible.

2. Instructions for use only for sellers and advertisers

2.1. How to register an account?                                                       Please click HERE to watch video! 

(Note: After you register an account, so you should check your mail in both inbox and spam to active your account)

2.2. How to login?                                                                             Please click HERE to watch video! 

2.3. How to post a new sales and advertising news?

     You can use one of the following two ways to post sales information, or admin messages to, specifically as follows:

2.3.1. First way: Let's Login => click to Quick add listing                   Please click HERE to watch video! 

2.3.2. Second way: Login => My Listing => Add listing                      Please click HERE to watch video! 

2.4. How to edit a sales message, advertising already exists?           Please click HERE to watch video!

2.5. How to upgrade your plan to impore limit of post?                    Please click HERE to watch video!

2.6. How to edit your profile?                                                            Please click HERE to watch video! 

2.7. How to resize your picture?                                                        Please click HERE to watch video!


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