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Top of the most horror dishes in Hanoi

     Below is a list of extremely "horrible" and "weird" dishes that international tourists list in the list of the most horrible dishes in the world. However, you may find some quite familiar names, even they have become regional specialties of many localities in Vietnam.

Horror dish No. 1: Crispy scorpion

     Horror appearance does not affect the attractiveness of the scorpion dishes, especially the drinks that are popular with extremely popular "scorpions" like scorpions, scorpions roasted with salt ....

hanoi discover - scorpion

     The scorpion after being picked up is put in a pot for a few days to "clean the belly", clean the whole and then put it in a pan of boiling fat to fry. A few minutes later, the crispy scorpion smell gave off a fragrant aroma. Fried scorpions are often served with tomatoes, cucumbers, herbs, and some coriander stalks, adding a bit of lemon or soy sauce salt depending on the place.

     Biting a piece, you will feel the fleshy taste of the scorpion scorpion crunching when chewing. According to many customers, scorpion abdomen is the best part, because in their stomachs, there is a characteristic flavor of wild grass still remaining. Not only that, according to the Khmer, just eating fried scorpions and drinking scorpion alcohol also works to cure aches and pains, back pain, improve men's physiological ability, making him "increase his strength. she is. ”

The price of this horror dish is 125k / dish.

Horror dish No. 2: Melancholy tick roasted with lemon leaves

     Cicadas are often used to prepare delicious food, often a kind of young mite, which has just come out of the ground. To catch this kind of tick, workers have to go fishing to catch it since the sky has just darkened, holding a flashlight to illuminate each tree from the ground only a few tens of centimeters.

hanoi discover ticks

     Young mites (ticks) have just come back and must be processed immediately, otherwise they will molt into mites. The most popular and most popular way to do it is to make ticks clean, drain and fry, or roast with lime leaves to have an attractive dish right away.

     Cicadas have a very high nutritional value, both help fight premature aging, fight cancer, and have an effect on energizing the body. The body of the cicada is soft and crispy, and it is very delicious and delicious.

The price of this horror dish is 75k / dish.

Horror dish No. 3: Grilled chops

     Grilled pork is a delicious and hot dish in Vietnam. But the reason it is listed as the world's most horrifying dish is also due to the half-worm shape, the half-hearted half of the rat. Many people saw that they were afraid, not to mention beating them up to make them eat.

hanoi discover cha ruoi

The price of this horror dish is 150k / dish.

Horror dish No. 4: Lemon leaf roasted grasshopper

     Grasshoppers are available all year round, but most often in the harvest, usually in April and September of the lunar calendar. In the eyes of foreigners (and quite a few Vietnamese people), this is one of the most horrifying dishes in the world, perhaps because there are few places where there is an insect-eating culture. But in Vietnam, grasshoppers are a fragrant rustic specialty, quite familiar to many people.

hanoi discover chau chau

     European grasshoppers are also available in many types such as bamboo grasshoppers, rice grasshoppers, but the most delicious and nutritious fat is still sim grasshopper, big and meaty. How to prepare this dish is relatively simple, just roasted with lemon leaves is now a special dish delicious and delicious cat!

The price of this horror dish is 88k / disk.

Horror dish No. 5: Bee pup porridge

     In order to have the material to make this creepy dish, the bee hunters must be extremely careful to escape the risk of being extremely scary. Because bumblebees are bees with extremely venomous venom, they often nest multiple layers on dry branches. After collecting the beehive, the worker had to carefully separate each floor to remove the bee larvae, to prevent the pupil from being crushed, when it was not delicious. After that, the bees were boiled for a few minutes to allow the milk in the body to recede, then continue the black intestine located on the lower body to be discarded.

Hanoi discover beer

The price of this horror dish is 88k / bowl.

Horror dish No. 6: Stink bugs roasted with lemon leaves

     In everyone's memory, stink bugs are an obnoxious, obnoxious animal, even people who have eaten insects can hardly imagine the need to digest this dish. However, Muong people have the talent to process stink bugs to become a special dish that makes many people fall in love.

hanoi discover bugs

    After being brought back, put the wings and legs away, soak them in salt water so that they spray out the liquid from the body. When frying, add a little bit of sour bamboo shoots and put on a big fire, stirring evenly so that the bugs are crispy and golden. The special thing is that the cook just needs to add some finely chopped lime leaves without adding any spices, because in the stink bug, there are many attractive, sweet, spicy, salty flavors...

The price of this horror dish is 75k / dish.

An address for you to enjoy all the above horror dishes: Quan Kien Restaurant.

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