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Hanoi city - Vietnam
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Green Sticky Rice - specialties of hanoi people

Talking of culinary way of life in Hanoi, we cannot fail to mention a specialty of Hanoi – inexperienced (younger) sticky rice from Vong village. That is a folks and fashionable food inside the occasion of the fall season.

Com Vong (inexperienced sticky rice or young sticky rice) made in Vong village.

Vong village in Hanoi, is stated to provide the nice green sticky rice in Vietnam. When autumn comes (August to Oct), Hanoians keep in mind and love the unique flavor of this excellent inexperienced sticky rice from Vong village that's a unique present for lots tourists to Hanoi in the fall season.


If you are fortunate, you will discover this special dish at your motel breakfast too. Served with ripe bananas, green sticky rice is certainly delicious. Inexperienced sticky rice is frequently eaten by using hand, without delay from the lotus leaves, a pinch at a time. While eating inexperienced sticky rice, you ought to experience slowly and chunk very deliberately if you want to respect all of the scents, tastes, and plasticity of the young rice which is sweet, nutty and buttery.

There is legend approximately how Com (younger sticky rice) become born in Vong village. In an autumn of thousand years ago, humans there suffered a large hurricane which destroyed all paddy fields in which rice was approximately to be in flowering length. The locals needed to acquire and roast ultimate younger rice to eat. The dish as the closing inn turned out to have distinctively delicious flavor and later turn out to be a delicacy of the village.

Go to Vong Village (Com making village)

In case your visit to Hanoi at some stage in the green sticky rice making season, you could visit Vong village wherein you will have a danger to peer the method of creating the sticky rice. In Vong Village, making green sticky rice was a commonplace change. It’s a complex procedure for making this sticky rice in Vong village. Firstly, they develop a special glutinous paddy. The sticky rice have to be harvested at simply the right moment. While the paddy begins to ripen and nonetheless consists of milk inside the grains. It's far reaped however simplest at early dawn. The rice is picked off cautiously so that the grains are not damaged.

Com lang vong

Subsequent, the grains are cautiously sifted, washed and dried in a huge pan over a smooth fire, it is essential to stir steadily to preserve the heat stable and then roasted grains pounded in stone mortars, people use a pestle to break up off tegument. Then, the young rice is eliminated from the mortar and winnowed earlier than being poured again into the mortar and the manner repeated. That is then repeated exactly seven times so that the complete husk is eliminated from the young sticky grains.

com lang vong

And completed Com is wrapped in lotus leaves to soak up their subtle heady scent.

com lang vong

Apart from conventional Com, human beings in Vong village nowadays make young sticky rice cake, sweetened younger sticky rice paste. Younger sticky rice cake, collectively with yellow-coloured wedding ceremony pastry, is symbol of steadfast and everlasting love and becomes an quintessential object in engagement rite in Vietnam.

com lang vong

Do no longer miss this special meals of Hanoi during your go to to Hanoi, mainly the autumn time.

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