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Hanoi city - Vietnam
DichVongHau subdistrict- CauGiay district
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Bun cha - delicate cuisine of the HaThanh land

Bun cha is speacial food in Hanoi     It is a special dish that is rustic, simple right from the processing stage to how to enjoy it, but bun cha will cause you to miss and make so many souls who love food must be enchanted.

     There is no exact milestone to record the birth history of bun cha, it is not known who this dish was created by. Only a long time ago, from this generation to another generation of Hanoi people are still familiar with bun cha and consider it an indispensable dish in the daily culinary life. 

     Bun cha consists of 3 main parts: sauce, grilled patties and vermicelli. Whether a bun is delicious or not is largely determined by the dipping sauce. Vermicelli sauce is filled with sour, spicy, salty and sweet with fish sauce, vinegar, sugar, garlic, chili and the appropriate amount depending on the bartender. or many places have bean sprouts.

     Grilled patties have 2 types: pork ball and pork ball, usually pork ball will be made from bacon only for a certain softness and sweetness, the ball is squeezed into a circle with about tay palm, marinated and Grilled under a red rosewood stove. Vermicelli in bun cha is usually tangled vermicelli, however traditionally, bun noodle is used more. 

     Although it can be eaten at any time of the day, Hanoi people often eat bun cha at lunch. The feature of choosing this time to enjoy is considered as one of the unique features in the "culinary art" of the ancient land formed from ancient times. Sitting on the plastic tables and chairs on the sidewalk, blowing a fine, soft white vermicelli dish on a bowl of hot and warm red and gold seems to have become too common for Vietnamese people.

     Guests eating bun cha almost have enough, from old, young, boys, girls, even if the people working in the elegant European shirts to work and sweat, they also enjoy this dish deliciously. The rich flavor of carefully marinated grilled meat is a bit of a strange, charming charcoal flavor, served with vermicelli, and a variety of fresh vegetables and sweet and sweet sauce. All together, creating an overall harmonious whole, makes one just need to taste it once, perhaps not forgetting. 

     Bun cha wants to eat well and needs to eat properly. The capitalist often said that eating a bun is the right way to eat with a variety of green vegetables such as lettuce, herbs, perilla ... Pick up a vermicelli and then dip into a bowl of dipping sauce filled with grilled meat, including raw vegetables Enjoying the harmonious taste spreads full of fun.

     It is not difficult to find a row of vermicelli in the street corners of Hanoi capital, in which there are some shops that are quite famous, familiar with customers like bun Kim Dac Kim in Hang Manh, bun Sinh cha From Ta Quang Buu, bun cha Duy Diem in Ngoc Khanh, bun Lien Huong Lien in Le Van Huu, bun cha Ngoc Xuan in Thuy Khue, etc. 

     Currently, there are more variations for bun cha in Hanoi and some shops have more or less created style when changing the processing method, enjoying time such as bun cha wrapped with banana leaves, vermicelli with grilled pork rolls, vermicelli with breakfast, vermicelli with vinaigrette and vinegar etc.

     Moreover, not only domestic wine but also noodles made the international tourists fascinated and constantly mentioned. In 2016, the vermicelli dinner of US President Barack Obama and chef Anthony Bourdain in Hanoi created an "extraordinary effect". A famous figure in the political world, and a famous figure in the gastronomic world, those two souls will meet together on the dishes ... bun cha. The image of the world's most powerful man sitting in a plastic chair, eating bun cha, drinking cold beer with a simple and elegant white shirt in Vietnam has become one of the most impressive highlights in public hearts for a long time after that. Until weeks later, national and international newspapers still discussed the meal as well as the delicious but deliciously flavored vermicelli dish.

     Along with pho, bread and many other famous traditional dishes, bun cha is being mentioned by the whole world as a new representative of Vietnamese cuisine. Almost in the ranking of delicious food in the world of famous newspapers like CNN or Lonely Planet, bun cha are in the top. 

     Writing about this dish, the culinary writers all said that the sophistication of Vietnamese vermicelli can make foreign tourists 'enchanted', that is the "enough" culture in the traditional meal. . Sufficient meat - meat is not too lean, not too fat, just enough vegetables, fish sauce and vermicelli so that you can finish the meal without creating "poor" food.

     Bun special rolls in its own way, not too ostentatious but attractive enough from the simplicity available. Experiencing many historical ups and downs, bun cha still retains its unique flavor and maintains its position as one of the national dishes of Vietnamese cuisine.

     You should read more about follows article "Pinnacle scrumptious dishes of Hanoi" to know more about other speacial foods in Hanoi.

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